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    Different retail stores and chains are committed to providing quality products and services to their users. To do so, they offer different surveys that focus on customer satisfaction.

    Wallmart is another renowned entity that operates different retail chains in the niches of discount marts, hypermarkets and so.

    They care about what the customers think and to know what they have to share, Walmart offers an easy-to-complete their customer satisfaction survey.

    What is Walmart?

    Walmart is a large enterprise that operates different chains in the niche of Hypermarkets, Super discount stores and groceries retail stores. Walmart was founded back in 1950 by Sam Walton. Walmart has more than 11,348 stores worldwide.

    The Purpose

    The has an important role. All major brands have been using surveys in order to improve the shopping experience and to make the clients more satisfied. Walmart is one of them and their new survey has the same mission. It may sound like a simple task, but they have high expectations regarding this survey and they will analyze all the answers in a short period of time and make sure to implement those changes to their services, employees and anything else that has to be changed. Another goal of the survey is to promote the brand and create a deeper connection with the customers.

    How to take Survey :

    Users can take the Walmart Survey through two different mediums:


    To take the survey online, users can log in into the Official Walmart Survey . Users can enter the Walmart Sweepstake 78 times within the total sweepstake draw time period.

    • Make a purchase on Walmart survey (no purchase will work as well)
    • Visit the official Walmart survey website on and select your preferred language from English and Spanish.
    • Start the survey and complete all the questions by answering them in an honest way
    • Once done, share your contact details at the end of the survey.
    • You will be entered into the first 755 Walmart Prizes along with the 5 grand prizes as well

    By Mail

    Users can also enter the Walmart Survey by sending a direct mail to their official mailing address. Take a postcard and mention your contact details on it including; phone number, email address, postal address and date of birth and then mail it to Walmart Sweepstakes, PO Box 10427, Rochester, NY 14610.

    Please note that you can only send one entry per mail.

    Guide for completing Walmart Survey

    • Purchase Necessary: No
    • Resident Eligibility: US, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico
    • Entry limit: 78 Entries Per Entry Period
    • Prize: $1,000 or $100 Gift Card

    In order to complete the in a successful manner. Participants are advised to read the following before starting the Walmart Survey.

    Purchase Required

    No purchase is required to enter the Walmart Sweepstakes. Users can enter the sweepstakes with and without purchase receipts.


    Only the legal residents of the United States (50 states), the District of Columbia or Puerto Rico are allowed to enter the Walmart Survey.


    The participant must be at the age of 18 or above to enter the

    Entry Limit

    The participant can enter 78 times in the Walmart Sweepstake within the specified time period of the Sweepstake.


    There will be 5 major prizes that will be announced within the specific sweepstake time period, each of $1,000. So, there will $5,000 prizes in total. Please note that the amount will be granted in the Gift Card.

    Also, several first prizes, each of $100 will be announced as per schedule. Total of these prizes will make up to $75,000 within the Walmart Sweepstake time period. Please note the amount will be awarded in the form of a Gift Card. Winner Notification

    In case you won one of $1000 prizes offers to all lucky winners, you will be contacted by phone, email or both. The goal is to receive needed information and receive the prize which later can be used in any of the Walmart locations.


    The survey representative will contact you via the phone and congratulate you for winning the prize. Then, he or she will ask you when and how you would like to receive the document you need to sign and send back to the company. After that, your prize will be given to you. Keep in mind that you have 14 days of time to sign the document and to ship it back to Walmart. If you are unable to be contacted via the phone, Walmart will use another method specified below.


    The second method is email contact. You will receive an email with all the needed details and information. All you have to do after that is to receive your prize. Check your spam folder in the email inbox just to make sure the provider didn’t place the email into this folder.


    If you have any concerns and queries regarding the Walmart Survey, you can always contact them on:

    • 1-800-925-6278
    • Walmart Stores, Inc. 702 SW 8th Street, Bentonville, AR 72716-8611


    Walmart Survey is a great way to share your feedback with them. It is also recommended for those who want to earn rewards and prizes just by completing a basic survey. So, try your luck today and enter into the Walmart Sweepstakes today.



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