Whataburger Visit Gives You A Free Burger For Your Opinions

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    What is WhatABurger?

    WhatABurger is a regional fast food restaurant chain based in the USA. Headquartered in Texas, the company has over 800 stores – more than 100 of them are franchised. The stores are mostly spread around Texas, yet some of them are in New Mexico, Arizona and a few other states. All in all, WhatABurger employs over 40,000 employees. www.whataburgervisit.com is the official survey website. It allows you to provide some details about your last Whataburger visit to a restaurant. In exchange, you will get a free burger if you purchase fries and a drink.


    Purpose of the WhatABurger survey

    The www whataburger com survey has a simple purpose. It allows you to take a survey and help the company with information about your last visit. The company requires such details to figure out what works in the restaurant, as well as what needs improvement. On the same note, WhatABurger tries to understand its customers’ needs. It will take a few minutes to complete this survey, but your time will be rewarded. Next time you are in a restaurant, purchase fries and a drink and you will have a coupon for a free burger.


    What do you need for the WhatABurger survey?

    The WhatABurger experience survey has a few simple requirements to participate:


    • A WhatABurger receipt with a survey code on it
    • Basic knowledge of English or Spanish
    • A device to connect to the Internet
    • An Internet connection


    How to take the WhatABurger survey


    The survey is available at https://www.whataburgervisit.com and you need a receipt to participate, meaning you should have bought something before. The receipt is valid for three days only, so take the survey as soon as you can. Once you are done, you will receive a coupon code for your free burger.


    WhatABurger customer survey details


    Survey NameWhataburger Customer Survey
    RewardsFree burger when you purchase fries and a drink
    Purchase RequiredYes
    Age18 years old or older
    Entry LimitOne per receipt
    LanguageEnglish or Spanish
    Customer service number1-800-628-7437

    Instructions for completing the WhatABurger survey

    • Visit https://www.whataburgervisit.com to begin the survey. Have your receipt nearby.
    • You can complete the survey in Spanish – there is a button to change the language.
    • Enter the survey code located at the bottom of the receipt, as well as a few other details, like the date.
    • You can see pictures and diagrams to help with the codes and details on the receipt.
    • Start the actual survey and take one question at a time – you will often have to answer with yes or no.
    • Be honest, even if your experience had some negative aspects too.
    • When the questions are over, you will have to enter your contact details.
    • Double check your email address, as that is where you will get the validation code.


    Write the code on your receipt and take it with you on your next WhatABurger visit.



    Website – https://www.whataburgervisit.com

    Phone number – 1-800-628-7437


    Final words

    Bottom line, the WhatABurger survey gives you the opportunity to have a freebie for a few minutes of your time. It is a great choice to enjoy your favorite burger, but also to help the restaurant you visit improve based on your feedback.​

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