The Raising Canes Survey That Gives You a Free Box Combo

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    What is the Raising Cane’s?

    Founded in Louisiana in 1996, Raising Cane’s is one of the most popular fast-food restaurant chains in the USA for those who love chicken fingers. While there are lots of options in the menu, the restaurant is now specialized in chicken fingers. It boosts more than 500 stores and counts over 3,000 employees. It is owned by the Graves family. Internationally, Raising Cane’s has opened its first restaurant abroad in Kuwait. As for the, the customer satisfaction survey has the one and the only purpose to figure out what customers need, whether it comes to the service or the actual food. rewards a free coupon that is suitable for a box combo.


    Purpose of the Raising Canes survey

    The Raising Canes survey can be described as a customer satisfaction survey and this is its main focus. The survey asks customers for various details regarding their last experience in a restaurant. They will be asked about the customer service, menu, speed, cleanliness and so on. The management wants to figure out what works, as well as parts that could do with some improvement. Helping your favorite restaurant improve is definitely a plus. But at the same time, Raising Canes will provide a free coupon code for your time as well. The coupon code is not suitable for all the things on the menu, but it can get you a free box combo.


    What do you need for the Raising Canes survey?

    The Raising Canes survey can be taken by pretty much any customer out there:


    • A Raising Canes receipt with a survey code on it
    • Be able to speak English or Spanish
    • Internet connected device
    • 18 years old or older


    How to take the Raising Canes survey


    The survey can be completed over the Internet only and not in person, by email, post or phone. You will have to go to and go on from there. Make sure you have your receipt nearby, as you will be asked for a few details from it – for Raising Canes to confirm your purchase.


    Raising Canes customer survey details


    Survey NameRaising Cane’s Survey
    RewardsCoupon code suitable for a box combo
    Purchase RequiredYes
    Age18 years old or older
    Entry LimitOne per receipt
    LanguageEnglish or Spanish
    Customer service number1-225-383-7400

    Instructions for completing the Raising Canes survey

    • Keep your receipt and reach to to begin the survey.
    • Choose the language – you can do it in English or Spanish.
    • Enter the survey code on your receipt and other details, such as the date.
    • Each page comes with diagrams, so you can find details on the receipt in no time.
    • Take one question at a time and be as honest as you can about your experience.
    • Double check your contacts at the end and especially your email address.


    Once submitted, Raising Canes will send you a coupon by email – you can use it on your next visit.



    Website –

    Phone number – 1-225-383-7400


    Final words

    In the end, the Raising Canes survey has a concise purpose that implies helping the company improve based on customers’ feedback. Nothing goes for free, so your few minutes will be rewarded with a coupon code.


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