WeCare Rite Aid Survey Gives You the Opportunity to Win $100 or More

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    What is the Rite Aid?

    Rite Aid was established in 1962 as the Thrift D Discount Center. With time, it has expanded and become one of the largest drugstores in the USA. In fact, Rite Aid is the largest drugstore chain on the East Coast, as well as the third largest one in the country. The company is public and counts around 2,500 locations all over the USA. It employs more than 53,000 people. The Rite Aid survey allows customers to describe their experiences in store. They will be entered wecare.riteaid.com chance to win ten $100 prizes or one $1,000 prize.


    Purpose of the WeCare Rite Aid survey

    Taking the store survey RiteAid.com will give you the opportunity to make some money, but also gain a better experience from the store. The company will listen to your words – whether the experience was positive or negative – and make improvements. This is not just an opportunity to win a prize, but also your contribution to improving the service in stores, giving you a better overall experience. Customers have a word to say in the process and Rite Aid aims to reward them for their time and customer – 10 prizes of $100 and one prize of $1,000.


    What do you need for the WeCare Rite Aid survey?

    Completing the WeCare Rite Aid survey should take a few minutes and comes with simple requirements:

    • Be able to speak English
    • Have a device that connects to the Internet
    • A good Internet connection
    • A Rite Aid receipt


    How to take the WeCare Rite Aid survey


    Visit https://wecare.riteaid.com and start the survey. Complete every single step and include your details at the end. You will be entered a draw for multiple prizes.


    WeCare.RiteAid.com survey questions

    WeCare.RiteAid.com survey questions are basic and will ask for details about your experience. You will be asked about the cleanliness in the store you visited, ease of use, ease of finding the products you needed, customer service, queues or value for money. It is important to answer honestly in order to help the store improve if you are unhappy with certain things in particular.


    WeCare Rite Aid customer survey details

    Survey NameWeCare Rite Aid
    Rewards10 $100 gift cards and one $1,000 gift card
    Purchase RequiredYes
    Age18 years old or older
    Entry LimitOne per receipt
    Customer service number1-800-748-3243


    Instructions for completing the WeCare Rite Aid survey

    • Visit https://wecare.riteaid.com to start the survey.
    • Enter details about the store you visited, such as the receipt number, store, date and time.
    • You can find receipt diagrams to help you locate such details.
    • You will be asked about your actual experience then.
    • Most questions come with multiple answer options.
    • Try to be as honest as possible, even if the experience was negative.
    • Make sure your contacts are correct at the end.


    You will get an email confirmation for the survey.



    Website – https://wecare.riteaid.com

    Phone number – 1-800-748-3243

    Final words

    In the end, the WeCare Rite Aid survey is how the company hopes to improve by getting feedback from customers. Your answers will give the company some clues about what needs improvement – at the same time, you will be rewarded for your time by entering a draw with 11 prizes.

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