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    It is a well-known fact that many stores, restaurants, and companies, in general, offer a survey that has an important role. That role is to improve the services and make customers or clients happy.

    Now, we will take a deep look into the TscListens customer satisfaction survey and help you win a free coupon code of $1.99 value.

    Tsclistens is a simple customer satisfaction survey that will require a few minutes of your time and then you are eligible for winning a prize we have mentioned.

    What is Tropical Smoothie Café?

    Tsclistens is a survey developed by Tropical Smoothie Café, also known as Tropical Smoothie or in short, TSC. The brand refers to the chain of restaurants offering smoothies, salads, sandwiches, wraps and flat bread. At the moment they have over 650 locations across the United States but additional 2000 are planned to be opened by 2020. Of course, all of the new locations will be open in the United States. The brand emerged on the public scene back in 1997 in Destin, Florida. The founders of the brand are Eric Jenrich, Delora Jenrich, and David Walker. In 2018 the company has over 2000 employees. They are owned and operated under Buckhead Investment Partners.

    The purpose of the Tsclistens Survey?

    Tsclistens survey has a simple role to provide. It should help the managers and the key people in the company to see the advantages and also the possible drawbacks of the services and foods they offer. After the survey responses will be analyzed and checked, all possible issues will be solved as soon as possible. We can see that Tsclistens guest satisfaction survey is a simple way the brand uses to improve their services even more and to make all their customers perfectly happy with the foods and the overall experience in general. Additionally, Tsclistens will be used to promote the business and to reveal its full potential to new customers.

    How to Take Tsclistens Survey

    All people from the United States and Canada can participate in Tsclistens guest satisfaction survey and complete it within seconds. It is an entirely simple task that won’t require any personal information or anything similar. At the moment, the only way you can complete the Tsclistens customer satisfaction survey is online. This is a good thing if we know that the survey is available via laptops, computers, smartphones or tablets. You do need an internet connection, and nothing more. Below is a step by step guide on how you can complete the survey. We will list all the steps and all you have to do is to follow them afterward.


    1. Visit the Tsclistens official survey page :
    2. Enter the store number, date and time of your purchase
    3. Enter the transaction number (also present on the receipt)
    4. Click start
    5. Provide honest and realistic answers to the questions
    6. Submit the answer
    7. Done

    Guide to complete Tsclistens

    • Prize: $1.99 Coupon
    • Purchase Required: Yes
    • Mandatory requirement: Printed Coupon
    • Survey Limit: 1 Discount Coupon Per Receipt

    Tsclistens survey is as you were able to see a simple task that can be completed on the go. Keep in mind that you need a receipt, meaning you have to make a purchase at any of the locations of the brand and you need to save that receipt. All the needed information such as time and date and also the store number alongside transaction number are present on the receipt. There is no limit on how much you have to spend in order to use the receipt. In addition, here are the requirements you must comply with:

    • The Tsclinstens survey is available for all residents of the United States and Canada
    • Purchase must be made in any of the locations
    • A person must be 18 years of age or above
    • Employees and family members of the Tropical Smoothie Café are not allowed to participate
    • A laptop or a smartphone with an internet connection can be used
    • The receipt must be used before the expiration date


    There are a few restrictions as well regarding the TscListens survey. Make sure to comply with the requirements specified above!

    • The TscListens survey is not available for users under age 18
    • All employees and family members are not allowed to participate
    • The survey is available for residents of Canada and the United States only
    • One user will be able to participate once
    • One receipt can be used only one time for the survey
    • A user needs to understand English or Spanish language

    Purchase Required

    Yes, in order to participate TscListens official survey you do need to make a purchase, in order to get the receipt. The value of the purchase is irrelevant.


    You can make a purchase in any of the 650 store. There are no differences when it comes to the Tsclistens survey.


    Only users of age 18 and above are eligible to participate in the TscListens survey. If you are under age 18 and you still participate in the survey, your prize can be declined in case you are a lucky winner.

    Entry Limit

    The entry limit is once per month per customer. In the following month, you can participate again. Each entry obviously must use a separate receipt which brings us to a separate purchase. There are no limits on how much you must spend.


    The Tsclistens survey will award lucky participants with a $1.99 coupon code that can be used in any of the restaurants of the company.



    The brand doesn’t offer email-based support at the moment. We don’t know will this be changed any time soon. They offer phone support only.


    You can contact Tsclistens using the phone. The phone number is mentioned below.

    (770) 821-1900

    Open Hours

    TSC is open from Monday to Sunday from 10 AM to 7:30 PM and offers free delivery for orders placed nearby their locations. However, each franchise is closed during Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. The store closes at 5 PM during Christmas Eve but operates in regular hours during New Year’s Day.

    Final words

    Tsclistens survey is an excellent way to participate, help others and possibly win $100. The coupon will allow you to get a free smoothie, free meal or anything else from their list of offerings at any location within the United States. All you need is a device with an internet connection, a few moments of your time and nothing more.

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