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    Tops is a famous supermarket chain in the U.S.A based in Amherst, New York. For many, it is famous as a grocery store; while for others, it is a reliable food and drug store. Well, it is not only famous for its products but also for its Tops Markets Monopoly game that makes its customers earn several prizes each year.

    For those who love Tops Markets Monopoly, the good news is that it will be conducted once again in 2020 despite the COVID-19 pandemic. If you have ever played the game by Tops Markets, you must be aware of those typical game boards in use. However, this time, there are no such boards.

    In 2020, it is based on the strategy: Rip it and win it. Yes, such tickets are obtainable from any Tops Friendly Markets sites after making a qualifying purchase. Through these tickets, you can easily win gift cards, cash, and free food.

    This time, you also need not wait until the drawing event. All you have to do is rip the ticket and reveal the medium through which you can win many prizes.

    How to Obtain Game Tickets for Monopoly Game?

    To enter this contest, you need game tickets. You can get them by purchasing any item at any participating store running as Tops Friendly Market. You should use registered Tops BonusPlus for this purchase. After finishing the transaction, a certain number of game tickets will be given according to your purchase.

    To obtain these tickets and use them for the sweepstakes and prizes, it is essential for you to be minimum 18 years old. Further, you need to be a legal resident of Vermont, Pennsylvania, and New York. The sweepstake starts on March 1, 2020 and ends on May 23, 2020.

    There are two ways to obtain game tickets, which are as follows:

    With purchase

    You receive one game ticket.

    Here, you get the ticket via each qualifying transaction at any store that is TOPS friendly. You can even get an extra game ticket per Bonus Game Ticket item you buy. This will be indicated on a tag affixed to more than 2,000 items available in the store.

    Without purchase

    You can receive one game ticket.

    It is not compulsory to buy something to get the game ticket, use a code, or play a game. If you do not want to buy anything and yet want to participate, you can make a mail-in request. This can give you a maximum of two game tickets. You only need to mWail a self-addressed return envelope stamped well to Tops-11 Rip It & Win It! Game Ticket Request, P.O. Box 367, Kennesaw, GA 30156. Everything must be hand-written, no printout allowed.

    How can you enter in Tops Markets Monopoly Game 2020?

    There are four ways to enter into the Tops Markets monopoly game 2020, once you have obtained game tickets from a participating Tops store.

    Each ticket can include redeemable Instant Winner coupons giving you different prizes and online game codes redeemable at All winners will be randomly selected. The likelihood of winning is reliant on the number of entries received and games played.

    Instant Win Game (IWG)

    A few game tickets will come with these IWG coupons that you can redeemable for a variety of prizes to be obtained from the participating Tops store.

    Second Chance Sweepstakes

    A whopping number of 5,000,000 game tickets will have a Second Chance Sweepstakes entry form. You need to fill this form, as it gives you an official entry into the Second Chance Sweepstakes occurring on or near June 29th, 2020.

    Fill the form and mail it to the following address:

    TOPS 2ND CHANCE SWEEPSTAKES, P.O. Box 441048, Kennesaw, GA 30160.

    Use a #10 standard envelope of business size for this purpose.

    Online Game

    Millions of game tickets come with online game codes that are meant for only one-time use. Once obtained, go to and register prior to submitting any codes. After registration, log onto the site and click Online Game.

    Now, search for the distinct online game codes on your tickets and enter them at Generally, you can submit a maximum of five codes at one time.

    Once this is done, a notification will come indicating whether you are a winner or not. If a winner, you will get instructions regarding the procedure of claiming your prize.

    Online Second Chance Sweepstakes

    In case you have submitted the online game code when it was the duration of sweepstakes, you become eligible for online second chance sweepstakes, which includes a random drawing for selecting the winners. This drawing is done only when its corresponding prize is not asked for by June 20, 2020.

    Guide to Complete Survey

    Before you go ahead to enter into this survey, here are some facts and guidelines you need to know:

    Win Type

    It is a gift that you get after participating in sweepstakes.

    Total ARV Value

    The total ARV value is $26,716,265.

    Entry Type

    Only one-time entry is valid but you can play the game countless times. Further, no limit exists to the number of entries for the Second Chance Sweepstakes you may make via a mail.

    Difficulty Level

    The level of difficulty is moderate, as 7 out of 10 participants win something.


    There are lots of prizes to win; the list is just tempting!

    Instant Winner Prizes

    • 20 – Tops Shopping spree ($20,000) payable via gift cards for Tops grocery/gas or the winner may opt for $10,000 cash
    • 100 – Gift cards for Tops grocery/gas ($500)
    • 200 – Gift cards for Tops grocery/gas ($100)
    • 1,000 – Gift cards for Tops grocery/gas ($10)
    • 5,000 – Gift cards for Tops grocery/gas ($5)
    • 20,000 – Reusable shopping bags from Tops ($0.99)
    • 95,000 – One chance of bowling at ($6)
    • 95,000 – Redbox movie rental for one night ($2)
    • 250,000 – 50 gas points from TOPS ($0.83)
    • 854,110 – A free Tops store product whose price can be anywhere between 69¢ and $17.99
    • 1,000,000 – Two game tickets from Tops

    Online Prizes

    • Free groceries worth $5,000 for one year (payable via gift cards for Tops grocery or gas
    • 10 gift cards for Tops grocery/gas ($500)
    • 25 gift cards for Tops grocery/gas ($100)
    • 2000 gift cards for Tops grocery/gas ($5)
    • 1,000 free Instacart deliveries from a Tops store that is participating in the sweepstakes ($99)
    • 9,000 reusable shopping bags from Tops (charity, licensed, and insulated bags not included ($0.99)
    • 20,000 Bonus Bucks eCoupons, each giving $2 off on a qualifying transaction
    • 40,000 Bonus Bucks eCoupons, each giving $1 off on a qualifying transaction
    • 173,000 Tops store products whose price can be anywhere between 60¢ and $3.99.
    • 500,000 two game tickets

    Second Chance Sweepstakes Prize

    The winner of this prize is entitled to Tops Shopping spree ($20,000) payable via gift cards for Tops grocery/gas or the winner may opt for $10,000 cash.

    Online Second Chance Sweepstakes Prize

    The winner of this prize is entitled to free groceries worth $5,000 for one year (payable via gift cards for Tops grocery or gas.

    Discount Offer

    • 256 distinct Cents-Off coupons whose value can be anywhere between 20¢ and $1.00
    • 95,000 coupons for Redbox rental to purchase one movie on rent and get another one on rental free of cost
    • 825,000 coupons to purchase one game and get another free of cost

    Online Discount Offers

    • 3,000 offers giving $10 off on the first Instacart order whose minimum pay amount is $35
    • 3,000 offers giving $5 off on the first Instacart order whose minimum pay amount is $35

    Final Words

    So, hurry up! There are only a few days for you to the needful to win one or more of these prices. This time, you play nothing on a game board but simply rip the ticket to see how to win which prize.

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