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    Most surveys you can participate in offer gift cards, vouchers or money prizes etc.

    The tellmurphyusa is completely different and it can help you win $100 free gas.

    All you need is a few minutes of your time and a computer and you get massive odds in winning the prize. Below we will guide you through the entire process and reveal all you need to know.

    About Murphy USA

    Murphy USA is a major chain of stores and gas pumps in the United States. They have been with us since 1996 and they started alongside Walmart stores. In 2016 they changed the relationship and they started opening independent stores. Today they have around 1400 gas stations in 26 states of the United States. Around 1200 are located close to the Walmart stores. Other 240 are located next to separate, Murphy Express stores.

    Instructions to complete the TellMurphyUSA Survey

    To complete the tellmurphyusa customer satisfaction survey all potential participants need to follow steps we will list below. Please don’t skip steps or try to affect the order. The steps are straightforward and if you completed a survey similar to this one, you won’t have any problems.

    1. Go to the official website of the survey or
    2. Select the language you want. English and Spanish are available.
    3. Enter the receipt code.
    4. Enter the time and date of your purchase.
    5. Answer the questions.
    6. Done

    TellMurphyUSA Survey Details

    • Purchase Necessary: No
    • Resident Eligibility: US, District Of Columbia
    • Entry limit: None
    • Prize: $100 Gas Card

    Now we present you several points that will need your attention. The goal here is to see what and how you need to comply with the regulations and what you need to do in order to be able to win the prize.


    At tellmurphyusa you can participate and complete the customer satisfaction survey for a chance to win 100 $. The process is simple and you need to have basic things and you need time. Of course, there are some regulations that have to be met, as you would expect. All of them are explained below and they apply to all participants.

    • All participants must be aged 18 or above.
    • You will need one receipt to complete a survey.
    • You are expected to provide honest feedback that is related to the service or product you purchased in one of the stores this company owns.
    • The customer  survey is available in English and Spanish language so you need to understand one of these two languages.
    • You need a smartphone or computer in order to participate to the survey.
    • One survey is allowed per person per month. On the next month, you can participate again.
    • Family members of the employees are not eligible to participate.

    Purchase Required

    Yes, you will need a receipt in order to be able to participate for the TellMurphyUSA customer satisfaction survey . The receipt will contain a code that needs to be entered before the survey will launch. The code is unique and present on all receipts.


    It is irrelevant where you made your purchase. The prize can be used on any locating as well within the United States. Despite the fact the company operates in 26 states, you can participate in the survey if you are from another state. Don’t forget that you must be from the United States as well. The survey won’t be available on users trying to access the webpage from another country.


    All participants must be aged 18 or above. This is the common criteria in all surveys of this kind and you need to obey it. There is no upper limit when it comes to age and all residents of the United States can participate.

    Entry Limit

    All consumers are allowed to participate once per month. So, this means that one person can participate once per month regardless of the fact how many times he or she purchased an item or gas in one of the stores or gas stations. The limit is the same if you use the website with the survey or you send your answers to the address.


    The TellMurphyUSA rewards come in the form of free gas with a total value of $100. Don’t forget that there will be plenty of prizes meaning you have excellent odds in winning free gas for investing your time into a simple survey. The reward cannot be transferred to another person, meaning the winner of it will have to use it on the gas station and get free gas. The prize can be used on any Murphy gas station.

    Murphy USA Contact


    If you want to send the survey answers or letter related to the survey, use Murphy USA, 422 N Washington, PO BOX 7300, El Dorado AR 71731.


    1 800 843 4298 is a toll-free telephone number that is only available during business hours. You can use it to gain additional information or any type of help you may need.

    Email Address

    [email protected]

    Final words

    The official customer satisfaction survey for is the easiest way you can use to get free gas with a total value of $100.

    All you have to do is to complete the survey, obviously. Be free to use any method you prefer and answer correctly. The main goal here is to help the company improve their services and offers.

    The TellMurphyUSA prize can be yours with a bit of luck and you can use it at any time and literally at any gas station owned by this giant.



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