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    Mr.Lube provides the opportunity to buy quality automobile parts and obtain timely and proper maintenance service for your vehicles. If you have recently tried its service or an automobile product, you can raise your voice and say whether it is wise for other automobile owners to rely on this brand or not.

    This is done through the online Mr. Lube survey. Regardless of whether you are a loyal customer of this brand or not, it is always beneficial to know about its customer feedback survey, TellMrLube.

    Will you prefer to take your vehicle to the local service store of Mr. Lube? Do you love to avoid taking an appointment? Would you like to add some new services the next time you visit the centre? If you wish to tell these details to Mr. Lube, this customer satisfaction survey is just for you.

    As a bonus, through this survey, you get a bonus to win some great money prizes daily or weekly. Read on to know how to participate in this survey.

    What is Mr. Lube?

    Mr. Lube is a renowned Canadian franchise having automotive service centers specializing in scheduled maintenance services such as oil changes. Indeed, it is recognized as the largest quick oil chain in Canada.

    Established in 1976 in the small town of Edmonton in Alberta, the company has been servicing the Canadians by expanding its wings. Today, there are more than 165 locations all across the nation.

    The first location was inaugurated by the founders, Arnold and Clifford Giese in 1976. This father and son pair who was known for their hard work and frontward thinking knew clearly what customers would expect.

    Based on this vision, they made a simple plan to ensure quick turnaround and hassle-free oil changes without any need for booking an appointment. This strategy was a great success for this business.

    At Mr. Lube, there is no policy of appointment booking. In other words, customers get services such as filter replacement and fluid change when they enter the local service centre.

    Interestingly, the brand is also a part of other projects such as environment protection, social responsibility, and recycling. Serving for more than 44 years, Mr. Lube has become the trusted name for millions of vehicle owners.

    The Purpose of Mr. Lube Survey

    Companies perform online surveys to gauge the level of customer satisfaction. If successful, such a survey amplifies the retention of present customers while assisting the company to position itself better among the new ones. This is also the purpose of Mr. Lube’s customer satisfaction survey.

    The Mr. Lube survey is a critical vehicle for its business, as it tells how satisfied its customers are with its products, services, service centres, and operations. Thus, another critical purpose of this survey is to determine customer loyalty.

    After all, the chain needs to be sure that its customers are fully satisfied if it intends to obtain a competitive edge in the present competitive arena. The company comprehends that true loyalty is based on complete satisfaction.

    Thus, the company values your honest feedback, may it be positive or negative. It will then assess this feedback to identify mistakes and loopholes, and initiate the required changes for providing better services as well as products.

    As a token of gratitude, you gain an opportunity to win exciting prizes, daily or weekly. These prizes are 10 chances to win $1,000 daily, free oil change, or $1,500 weekly.

    How to Take Mr. Lube Survey

    Presented by Empathica that is a national survey company and designed by Mr. Lube, the Mr. Lube survey is a questionnaire to know what customers think about it and its offerings. This survey is available online for your convenience.

    It is brief and takes not more than five minutes to complete. However, to participate online, you need to have a recent receipt with a survey code on it. Following are the steps to take the survey:

    1. Navigate to, which is the official survey website of the company.
    2. Click the blue button indicating the preferred language, which can be English or French. The survey site’s homepage is displayed with a welcome note informing how to respond to the survey and what you can win.
    3. Go through the short paragraph carefully.
    4. Enter the survey code present on your receipt. There are useful visuals to the right to identify the code.
    5. Click the blue Enter button.
    6. Enter the date of your visit as indicated on the receipt.
    7. Click the Enter button.
    8. Respond to all questions that are related to your recent experience with regards to store services and products. It is better to be honest here. Rate your satisfaction for aspects such as store’s cleanliness, hospitality, product quality, and checkout speed. Some queries will ask you to type what you feel instead of selecting one or more options. In case of any negative or unfavorable feedback, please do not hesitate from sharing it. The company will handle it carefully to avoid the same in the near future.
    9. Provide your contact details.
    10. Click Submit Survey.
    11. After answering all queries, you get a chance to enter the sweepstakes although this is optional. For entering, just go as per the directions and provide the requested personal information such as full name, e-mail ID, and phone number. If lucky, you can win a cash prize for enjoying a discounted service the next time you visit its service store.

    Guide to Complete Mr. Lube Survey

    • Win Type: Cash
    • Total ARV Value: $36000
    • Entry Type: Entries on daily basis
    • Eligible Locations: 50 United States, The District Of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Canada, United Kingdom, The Republic of Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Honduras and The Republic Of Korea

    While the Mr. Lube survey is simple and quick to complete, there are a few restrictions to follow. Let’s take a look at them!


    You are ineligible for the daily sweepstakes if you are or live with an immediate family member who is a representative, employee, or agent of the sponsor or its affiliates and subsidiaries.

    • Not all survey participants of the sponsor’s clients are eligible to go for weekly sweepstakes. It is essential to check the client’s websites or invitation if received for eligibility details.
    • No employee, staff member, or affiliated people can participate in this survey.
    • A purchase receipt is not required to enter into the sweepstake by call, mail, or SMS.
    • A genuine purchase receipt from the Mr. Lube store last visited must have a valid survey code for participating in the online survey.
    • Only one prize per day for daily sweepstakes and three prizes per week for weekly sweepstakes are allowed.
    • You must take the survey within seven days of the receipt date.
    • You cannot use an email address multiple times for participating through mail.
    • The prizes are not transferable.
    • You are responsible for paying taxes applicable to the prizes won.

    Purchase Required

    For taking an online survey, you must have purchased something from Mr. Lube or must have hired its service. In other words, a receipt is essential for you to have. However, no purchase or payment is essential to enter the survey or sweepstake through telephone or SMS or win a cash prize.

    Completion of a survey is also not mandatory to enter. However, a purchase or survey completion is not going to raise your chance of winning.


    A participant or an entrant should be a legal resident of any of the 50 United States, Canada, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, Germany, Korea, or Honduras.


    The age of a participant or an entrant should be over 18 years if the residing country is the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Denmark, Germany, Honduras, or Korea.

    Entry Limit

    A participant can enter only once a day via a survey for daily or weekly sweepstakes. For one entry, a participant is entitled to 10 chances to win a prize daily and one chance to win a weekly prize.


    Mr. Lube survey sweepstakes prizes are diverse and exciting. They are $1,000 as a daily prize, $1,500 as a weekly prize, and free oil change. These great prizes are awarded to winners who are drawn from the sweepstakes. The winners are randomly picked.

    A daily sweepstake prize of $1,000 is awarded in the currency of the nation in which the winner resides. It is in US$ in Honduras and the Republic of Korea. Per week, three prizes are announced, each of $500. Even this is awarded in the currency of the winner’s nation of residence.

    Survey participants also enter into two sweepstakes per week. One winner is selected for awarding a free oil change. The prize is given as a money order or as a cheque.


    In case you have any queries or doubts regarding the Mr. Lube survey, feel free to e-mail or dial the company right away.

    Email: [email protected]

    Phone: 1-866-681-4932

    Final Words

    Mr. Lube offers you multiple rewards to win after completing its feedback survey. Thus, it offers different ways to win great prizes for honestly completing a short survey. By taking a part in Mr. Lube customer satisfaction survey, you get a great opportunity to provide critical and valuable feedback about your experience.

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