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    Canadian Tire is known for its one-stop online shop where you can buy quality automobile, home, sports, leisure, hardware, and outdoor living products. This also encompasses its gas stations for vehicles. If you have recently visited one such station or brought some product, you can share what you experienced there by raising your voice digitally.

    Thanks to the customer-oriented initiative of this company, which has made it possible to raise a customer’s voice through its online survey, Canadian Tire Gas+ customer satisfaction survey. Regardless of whether you an existing or a new customer, knowing about this survey would give you significant benefits.

    Were the gas pumps fine? Was the gas clean? Did the staff address your needs amicably? If you wish to reveal these details genuinely to this company, this survey is for you. For revealing honest answers, the company interestingly rewards you by declaring money prizes weekly as well as daily.

    What is Canadian Tire Gas+?

    Colloquially called Canadian Tire, Canadian Tire Gas+ is a franchise retail company known to sell products related to household, leisure, sports, and vehicles. A few selected stores also sell toys and food products.

    Canadian Tire has been among the Canada’s most esteemed and recognized brands. This Canadian company is specialized in retail and automotive operations although it sells petroleum products, men’s and women’s apparels, and auto accessories.

    The Canadian Tire retail operations encompass Canadian Tire Petroleum; PartSource, Canadian Tire as the core automotive operation, Canadian Tire Financial Services, Forzani Group Limited, and Canadian Tire Jumpstart.

    The company was originally founded in 1909 in Toronto as the Hamilton Garage and Rubber Co. Headquartered still here, it has more than 1600 stores including its subsidiaries and gas stations. In 1922, Alfred Jackson and John William Billes, the two brothers, invested in this firm after which it became the Hamilton Tire and Garage Ltd.

    For over 95 years, Canadian Tire Gas+ Corporation has been providing everything that Canadians need. They can buy fuel additives, wiper blades, convenience snacks, engine oil, including cold beverages and energy drinks, propane tank refills, and car wash services.

    The primary retail operations fortified and were supported by thousands of employees along with the financial services. Right since the modest beginnings in the automotive field, Canadian Tire has evolved as a national staple to support the Canadians in various ways.

    The Purpose of the Tellcdntire Survey

    A satisfaction survey is an effective means to gauge the gratification level of both new and old customers. This is exactly the motto of the Canadian Tire Gas+ customer satisfaction survey. By allowing customers like you to voice an honest opinion, it shows that it cares about what customers think or believe.

    The survey, which is available online at, helps the company to identify the probable problems and the reasons why its customers are unhappy. Further, it allows the company to comprehend what is to be improved or rectified for giving a boost to satisfaction rating.

    Similarly, the company can also come to know which stores are keeping their buyers satisfied and happy. All these details provide an invaluable insight into the operations to improve, rectify, and/or make other necessary changes to make unhappy customers happy.

    How to Take the Canadian Tire Gas+ Survey


    Powered by InMoment Inc., the survey of Tellcdntire takes a couple of minutes online. It is a digital questionnaire that allows rating the products, services, and stores of the company. For participating, you need the most recent receipt from an authorized Canadian Tire Gas+ store. Once you have that, you simply need to perform the following steps:

    1. Navigate to
    2. Select your desired language, which is English or French by clicking the corresponding red button. The official page of the survey is displayed with a screenshot of the receipt that highlights the values to need to enter.
    3. Enter the station number, date of visit, time of visit, and total amount spent in dollars by looking at the most recent Canadian Tire Gas+ receipt.
    4. Click Enter. The questions will start.
    5. Respond to all questions either by rating them, selecting one or more options, or typing your feelings. Kindly give honest opinions only.
    6. Provide your contact details for getting a reward for taking the survey and entering into sweepstakes drawing being conducted daily or weekly.
    7. Provide personal information such as first and last name, phone number, postal code, and e-mail address to participate in the sweepstakes.
    8. Submit the survey.

    That’s it! You now will get 2 cents off per litre when you buy gas the next time. You are also an entrant who will be chosen for a daily or weekly sweepstakes drawing.


    There is another way to enter into these Tellcdntire sweepstakes, which is the mail-in method. If you opt for this method, there is no need to purchase gas or have a receipt. There is also no need to complete the survey.

    For this method, just trigger a mail-in request by clearly writing your name, full address, e-mail ID, telephone number, and age at the time of entry on a plain paper and post it to c/o EMPATHICA WEEKLY SWEEPSTAKES, c/o Empathica Inc, 2121 Argentia Rd., Suite 200, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

    Guide to Complete Canadian Tire Gas+ Survey

    While the online survey or mail-in request for sweepstakes is easy and quick, a few restrictions or rules are there to follow. Let’s explore them!


    • You cannot participate in the daily sweepstakes if you are or live with an immediate family member who is an employee, staff member, agent of the sponsor, or agent of the company’s affiliates and subsidiaries.
    • Not all participants of the sponsor’s clients are qualified for daily or weekly sweepstakes. To know the eligibility, you need to go through the client’s websites or invitation received from the sponsor.
    • A purchase receipt or payment is not needed for participating in the sweepstakes by mail, call, or SMS if these means are open.
    • Just a single prize per day for daily drawings and three prizes per week for weekly drawings are allowed.
    • You cannot use the same e-mail address several times for entering into sweepstakes via mail.
    • Prizes are non-transferable.
    • You are liable to pay taxes applicable to the prizes.
    • The prize will be sent within 60 days of the date of drawing.
    • Each mail-in entry is considered for the daily sweepstakes period for that day on which it is received. Non-selected entries are ineligible for successive draws.
    • A mail-in entry post-marked on or before the end of the weekly or daily sweepstakes but not obtained before it will be included in the successive sweepstakes drawing, if offered.
    • For daily or weekly sweepstakes, each phone number is limited to a maximum of one survey or mail-in entry and one entry via the sponsor’s GoRecommend app per day. Further, only one daily or weekly sweepstakes prize is awarded per 90 days per person.
    • Any excess entries regardless of the entry method will be void.

    Purchase Required

    No purchase or payment is required if you want to participate in daily or weekly sweepstakes via mail. However, it is required to get a purchase receipt whose details are required for filling the online tire customer satisfaction survey.


    The survey, whether online or mail-in, is only for the legal residents of the 50 American states, Puerto Rico, Canada, the District of Columbia, Honduras, Denmark, Germany, the Republic of Ireland, the United Kingdom, and the Republic of Korea.


    Apart from the Republic of Korea for which the minimum age requirement is 20, the residents from all the aforementioned nations should be over the age of majority.

    Entry Limit

    Only one entry is allowed per online survey per person per day during the sweepstakes period and two mail-in entries per person per month is permitted.


    As a reward, you could obtain 10 chances to win $1,000 daily and $1500 weekly apart from 2 cents off per litre for sure. Each online survey completed and each mail-in entry can have 10 entries to the draw.

    A daily sweepstake prize of $1,000 is given in the currency of the country in which the winner resides. It is in US$ for those living in the Republic of Korea and Honduras. Three prizes every week in the weekly sweepstakes period are declared, each being $500. Even this is given in the currency of the winner’s residential country.


    Have a question to ask or a doubt to resolve? Dial now at the following numbers:

    • 1(888) 633-1633
    • 1-800-387-8803
    • 1-866-746-7287

    Final Words

    Canadian Tire Gas+, your favorite store, is giving you a great opportunity to win a cash prize. However, before you win, the company wishes to hear your feedback, whether positive or negative, about its products and services. So, why not help them to improve and prosper?

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