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  • Win Type : Gift Cards
  • Prize ‎: Up to $5000
  • Purchase Required: Yes
  • Entry Type: One Time entry
  • Difficulty Level: Easy (Depending on entries)
  • Survey Limit‎: ‎1 Per Person Per Entry

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The Purpose of Stop & Shop Survey

Stop & Shop wants to hear feedback and suggestions from its fans and shoppers. If you’re one of the store’s regular shoppers, here’s the chance provide your feedback and complain about your concerns. The supermarket chain is currently conducting the TalkToStopAndShop promotion where fans can earn up to $5,000 worth of prizes just by answering a survey.

TalkToStopAndShop Requirements

The requirements for submitting entries depend on the method of submission. As of now, there are two ways to enter the sweepstakes: via online submission (through TalkToStopAndShop.com) or the mail-in method. Online Survey is easier and more convenient because it can be done at home. However, this method will only work for participants who received a survey invitation from their recent purchases. The other method or the mail-in method is for people who don’t have a survey invitation.

  • A receipt with a survey invitation
  • A device with internet connectivity
  • A 3” x 5” card or piece of paper (for mail-in entries)
  • Envelope (properly postmarked, for mail-n entries only.


To participate to the talktostopandshop sweepstake, you need to be at least 18 years old and above and a citizen of Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Islands. You must also not be a member of the immediate family of employees and partners of Stop & Shop. If your entry was drawn during the drawing week, you could only claim the $500 gift card. The prize is non-transferrable and non-convertible to any other prizes. Any additional purchases will not get your odds of winning higher than it should be. Your chances of winning will still depend on the number of entries.

Instructions for TalkToStopAndShop

Take note that the participation method is different for participants with and without a survey invitation. The survey invitation is used online and is not needed for mail-in entries. For online submission, here are the steps that you need to follow.

Steps for Online Survey

  • Go to www.talktostopandshop.com within five days after you purchased in a Stop & Shop store.
  • Insert the 20-digit survey invitation code in the form and click the double arrow.
  • Answer the questions honestly and provide helpful feedback.
  • Fill up your information correctly and join the sweepstakes.

Steps for Mail-in Entry

  • First, write your complete name, address, telephone number, date of birth, and email address in a 3” x 5” piece of paper or card.
  • Send your entry to “Stop & Shop In-store Customer Satisfaction Survey”, PO Box 10430, Rochester, New York 14610.
  • Participants can submit up to five entries per entry period.
  • Those five entries should be submitted via five different envelopes.

About Stop & Shop

Stop & Shop Supermarket Company, or known better as Stop & Shop, is one of the biggest supermarkets operating in the Northeastern states of the country. The company was founded by the Rabb family more than 100 years ago and now has 415 stores nationwide. It focuses on supplying the bakery, grocery, deli meat, seafood, dairy, pharmacy, gasoline, and general merchandise needs of the areas it serves. As of 2015, the company has been earning $15.2 billion and houses more than 82,000 employees around the country.

Open Hours

Stop & Shop stores are open from 6:00 AM to 12:00 AM from Tuesdays to Sundays. This schedule may vary during holidays and other important dates.

Customer Service

For your inquiries, you can contact the Stop & Shop Customer Contact Center at 1-800-767-7772. The line is open from Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 7 PM ET and on Saturdays from 8 AM to 5 PM. The hotline is closed during Sundays or holidays. If you have a problem with your Peapod Grocery pick-up arrangement, call the Peapod customer care at 1-800-5-73-2763.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQS

What is the A+ School Rewards?

A+ School Rewards is a rewards system where members can earn each time they made a purchase using Shop & Stop Card. At the end of the month, the points earned are credited to your school’s amount.

What are the benefits of the Stop & Shop Card?

Members who have a Stop & Shop card can take advantage of exclusive offers, checkout coupons, weekly specials, and bonus buys. A Stop & Shop card is also needed to use the A+ School Rewards.

How do I get a Stop & Shop Card?

Just register from the Stop & Shop registration page. After the registration, you will receive a temporary card which you can use immediately. Your official card will be sent to you via mail. Alternatively, sign up at the Customer Service Desk to get your card immediately.

What is the Gas Rewards program?

This is a reward system that lets you save on your gas expenses when you use your Stop & Shop card to purchase eligible items. One hundred points are equivalent to 10$c savings per gallon.


If you want to get an additional budget for your Stop & Shop purchases, join the TalkToStopAndShop survey now. Ten lucky winners will take home $500 cards which will be drawn in three drawing periods. Make sure to drop your entries before the received date of each drawing period. (August 8, September 10, and October 8, 2019)

51 thoughts on “www.talktostopandshop.com – Stop & Shop Survey to Win $500 Gift Cards”

  1. One of the main reasons that I shop in your stores is because they are one of the few union shops left. I am very saddened to hear that in spite of the pandemic you are not willing to continue paying your employees the few dollars of hazard pay. These people work for minimum wage for the most part, yet they are risking their health when they come to work. Your company is an international corporation, making a great deal of money. The pandemic is making you a great deal of money. Surely the very people who make this possible deserve some monetary compensation for this. I hope you will d o the right thing and put compassion on an equal footing with profit.

  2. I have been going to the Stop $ Shop in Berlin, Ct. for the past 20 years and also do my banking there at Peoples Bank. I know several of the employee’s by name- Mike, Joe, Mary etc. (great people), who take so much pride in their work.

    I personally run a company with 30 plus employee’s and seeing the dedication of your staff is very impressable.

    With other grocery stores in the area, which I have tried- It seems that Knowing a store and there staff is far more a better feeling when shopping.


  3. Employees of Somerset store are very helpful and respectful. During this time of worries, they are wearing masks and it seems that all the shoppers are also abiding by the rules, including the six feet where possible. I noticed that an employee was stocking a shelf and when I approached the shelf to take a product, she stood back six feet until I had taken what I needed.

  4. I’m a native to M.V. and have been going to this shop since its conception as the A&P days.
    Everyone in the shop yesterday, July 17,2020 was as nice and helpful as can be.
    Especially my cashier, Rebecca.
    Another cashier made a point of telling me to have a nice day with the largest and most sincere
    I left with a smile on MY face and in my heart. Never thought a grocery store could make me feel so good during such difficult times. Good going.

    • I can’t think Law any other store that is as clean and organized as
      Stop&shop. It has more room the New way Prime is set up. Really like it.

  5. This is more of an observation than a complaint. We moved to the Toms River area three months ago and Stop and Shop, on Route 9, being the closest grocery store, is where we run to when out of certain food items. I do not enjoy doing a weekly grocery there because I find that they are out of too many food items and although I realize there is a pandemic going on, other competitive stores are much better stocked. Here is an example of going to the Stop and Shop last Saturday morning.
    Produce…..many wilted and unappealing fruits and vegetables
    A cereal item that was on a three day special that began on Friday was out of stock and no ‘rain check’ was to be honored
    Cleaning supply shelves were just about empty with a hopeful conclusion from a stock person that there could be some items coming on the truck tomorrow and to check back.
    I don’t know about you but I have plenty more things to do than checking back for a ‘possible’ item being on that truck.
    I am writing because I think you should examine your business practices. This area is filled with potential ‘good customers’ and you folks offer a need that could be, when improved upon, offer increased satisfaction and profits for this store.

  6. I love stop and shop. they constantly have deals and savings on products that I shop for. The staff is also friendly and very helpful when trying to find products in the store. Their are also short lines and self-checkout areas that make checking items out quick and efficient.

  7. Since you put the restrictions back at Stop Shop in Waterbury, CT
    Your prices are great and the variety is always good!!!!

  8. My one complaint about this store is , they never have enough checkers working, so the wait time is too long. I am sure many people go to the local shop rite store because of this. Shop Rite always has many checkers open.

  9. Meat cutters behind closed doors do not wear a mask. several times 0710 + or – I’ve seen 4 employees in meat cutting without face coverings. Having a private conversation. No management or supervisor checking the safety of the customer. Same type personnel while loading meat into dis play cases face mask not covering there nose, just mouth. Deli counter man,before taking my order put on gloves and then proceeded to adjust his mask around his nose. not changing his gloves before handling deli meat!!! VERY POOR MANAGEMENT AND STORE POLICY.

  10. i do not feel safe shopping at s&s store#678 because my safety means a lot to me i have noticed employees not wearing mask while handling food i realize it is a union store so there is not much you can do about it but when entering the store the sign list the precaustions to take including face mask until i can feel safe i will be doing shopping elswere


  12. I feel safe shopping there. Its very clean and the atmosphere makes me feel at ease while shopping during this pandemic. I never have issues and everyone is very helpful with whatever my needs are. This is the only place I shop for grocerys.

  13. My father drank Fruit 2o Strawberry water and when i spoke to the company that supplys your store they ask me to talk to the store manger to which i have in 2 different location and was inform that the company doesn’t supply to you is there anyway you can call the company and they them that you would like to stock this water. Thank you

  14. I like shopping at Stop and Shop. I really dislike the new app. I have to go to Google play store to get it every time, I used to just click on the icon on my phone. This new setup stinks, I shouldn’t have to “buy” the app every time I want to see the ads and coupons!!!!! Thank you for listening.

  15. Thank you for installing plexiglass partitions at the check-out. I have observed proper mask wearing the times I have visited the store. I feel comfortable shopping in your store.
    I am disappointed that there have been no antibacterial cleaning supplies (wipes, sprays, liquids) at all, any time I visit the store, and there are no prices on the paper products other than the 10/$10 loose toilet paper rolls.
    Also, the frozen food cases have never seemed to be replenished fully and there are things I was shopping for that I could not find.

  16. This is the second time I have shopped at Stop and Shop and even though I give them my card and it looks as if the cashier scanned it , my rewards number Does NOT come up on the receipt and no gas points were given! The cashiers seem to change constantly, and maybe they are using their own card to get points.

  17. I go to stop and shop mainly because it is near me. I can not recall the last time I went there and there was not a mistake on my receipt! Today I was angry that fish that was advertised on sale was not in the case. I even went to the front to get a circular that clearly states the sale price. Woman said I could not get the sale price as it was not changed in the machine they use.
    She even called a mgr! Then woman there told me it was in the frozen section, which it was not. Very unhelpful. I went up front and demanded to see mgr. She got me the piece of fish, but it still rang up wrong!!!Not the sale price!!

  18. The rest room for ladies in the Newburgh store is disgusting. i left about $150.00 worth of groceries so I could find a clean rest room. I love your store and spend about 5,000 to 7,500 a year in it. Never needed restroom before and will think twice before shopping again.

  19. I am, a long time customer of STOP & SHOP in Monroe, New York for 40 years, & have enjoyed shopping there. The staff is very curt always have a smile on their faces. It makes, shopping, more enjoyable. Their gluten free aisle, is pretty well stocked, & available majority of the time. Parking is never a problem, due, to having a large parking lot. Even, the pandemic, their products were mostly on the shelves. I enjoy shopping at the Monroe STOP & SHOP, & will continue to do so.

  20. I am, a long time customer of STOP & SHOP in Monroe, New York for 40 years, & have enjoyed shopping there. The staff is very courteous, always have a smile on their faces. It makes, shopping, more enjoyable. Their gluten free aisle, is pretty well stocked, & available majority of the time. Parking is never a problem, due, to having a large parking lot. Even, the pandemic, their products were mostly on the shelves. I enjoy shopping at the Monroe STOP & SHOP, & will continue to do so.

  21. The meat prices are amazing and there are always good sales on everything else. I get the best “bang for my buck” and it is very clean with nice wide aisles. I do 90% of my grocery shopping here.

  22. I like the Stop and Shop in Edgartown rather than Vineyard Haven because the aisles are larger and they carry more products. I’ve been asking for Bryers Carb Smart Chocolate Ice cream since June but still haven’t seen it in the coolers. I guess the store gets whatever the warehouse wants to send us. I’m looking for the survey form. I’d like to enter the survey.

  23. Stop & Shop has been my go to market since they first open their Summer Street (Stamford, CT) store in the late 1990’s. The store is very large that provides the presentation of an enormous amount of food choices. Of all the markets in Stamford, the fruit/produce is the freshest and on specialty items they offer an incredible variety. They carry and therefore cater to people with special diets with the most expansive selection of dairy free products. The management is helpful AND available to assist you. The meat and fish departments present only the most fresh products. Also the floral offerings, including Christmas trees, etc. is impressive. It is truly one of the best Stamford has to offer.

  24. The East Setauket store is the worse with a store manager who doesn’t know what’s she is doing.
    Sometimes some employees do not wear mask and are supplying shelves when its busy 10am
    to 12pm while not moving 6 feet away almost daring customers to pick up items. Also Stop and Shop brand fresh fish, ground beef, and chicken smell badly probably because the refrigeration is set to low causing spoilage. Shelves are still quite empty and some shelves are getting dirty. Only good thing about the store are the cashiers who are nice. Tell this manage to wake up and keep the shelves stock and clean.

  25. I enjoy the seekonk Mass. store [email protected] are always fresh and competively priced although special like corn are usually limited although heavily advertized. stores always clean and associates always helpful and friendly.

  26. Generally, it’s OK, except for usually being out of cleaning items and paper towels/toile tpaper since pandemic, while other stores manage to restock often.
    Cashiers always pleasant, helpful.
    I have written and called repeatedly about the Teaneck store adding the same signs from the aisle ends to the center aisles, as it is hard to see from one end to the other, but nothing has happened in a few years.
    There is no more Pathmark and Shoprite is farther away, so Stop n Shop is the closest market to me. So I pop in weekly.

  27. like shopping at Stop and Shop. I really dislike the new app. I have to go to Google play store to get it every time, I used to just click on the icon on my phone. This new setup stinks, I shouldn’t have to “buy” the app every time I want to see the ads and coupons!!!!! Thank you for listening.


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