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    It is important to remember that large companies and chains of markets are trying to make the customer experience better and better with every purchase.

    One of those companies is Rite Aid. They have been offering a simple survey for all customers who want to be eligible for a massive prize.

    Below, you can see all you are going to need regarding the survey in question. It is very simple and it requires just a few minutes of your time.

    What is Rite Aid?

    Rite Aid is one of the largest drugstore chains in the United States. They have been with us since 1962 and they originated in Pennsylvania. In 2018, they were rated as 94 on the Fortune 500 list, so you can deduce that this is a serious and large company which targets superb customer experience. Their stores are spread across the United States and they literally have it all. It is possible to find items and products which are unavailable in other drugstores.

    The purpose of this Rite Aid Survey

    Rite Aid has revealed the survey in order to get the insight from the customers. The main idea is to understand why customers appreciate the stores and are there any complications with purchases or any other service.

    In return, Rite Aid offers monetary prizes which will be given to random participants.

    The data which is obtained from the survey is going to be used for making the services better, decrease waiting times and so much more. In general, customers will get an even better experience while shopping.

    How To Take The Rite Aid Survey

    The survey consists of a series of questions which you need to answer. It is possible to complete the survey on three methods, which are by online, by telephone or by mail. There are a few facts you will have to know and which will be mentioned below. Regardless of which method you choose, you will need less than 7 minutes and you will be eligible for winning one of two prizes explained below.


    For most users, online surveys are the best. You can complete them at any part of a day or night and you can use any device to visit the website. The survey is presented to you in the form and you should choose and answer the questions as you feel. If you choose an online survey, keep in mind that the limit is 3 times per month. You won’t be able to complete the survey more than that and even if you manage, your answer won’t be evaluated.

    1. To start the survey visit storesurvey.riteaid.com .
    2. Enter the code that is visible on the receipt. It is a mandatory
    3. Provide your feedback regarding your purchase and your overall satisfaction.
    4. Enter your details and you can expect a reward of $1000.

    By Telephone

    If you choose using the phone or a phone call more accurately, you can complete the survey once. The phone number that is used is (800) 748-3243 and you will get the questions from an automated machine. As you may know already, you can also complete the survey at any given moment within minutes. The questions are the same as in the other two cases.

    By Mail

    – To participate in the Rite Aid Store survey, you would need to fill up a postcard with your personal information including; full name, contact number, email address and postal address.

    – After filling the information on a postcard sent it to the official Rite Aid Store address on Rite Aid “Voice of the Customer” Sweepstakes, PO Box 16440, Rochester, NY 14616

    Rite Aid Survey Details

    • Grand Prize: $1,000 Check
    • First Prize: $100 Check
    • Entry Type: Online , Telephone or Mail-in
    • Online Entry Limit: 3 X / month

    There are a few more points you will need to understand before you take the survey. Luckily, these are basic points and you won’t need any special knowledge or anything like that in order to take the survey.

    As we have mentioned, it is a very simple and easy method which can help you win a massive prize. Don’t forget that Rite Aid offers two different prizes.


    The main details of the survey are already explained. All you have to do is enter valuable details and submit the survey. These details are the purchase time and the code that is present on the receipt. Your personal information won’t be shared with third parties and they are only used so you can get the prize in a case you win it.

    Purchase Required?

    At the beginning of the survey, the purchase wasn’t required, but later Rite Aid changed it so now you must make a purchase in order to be able to take the survey. A good thing is the fact the purchase amount isn’t important and all customers are equal in the competition.


    Be free to make a purchase in any store of the company in the United States. It is absolutely irrelevant which store you visited and why. In reality, there is no need to go for a store that is closest to your home. You can make a purchase on another part of the state and still take a survey and win a prize.


    All people aged 18 or older are eligible to take the survey. Keep in mind that employees of the Rite Aid are not eligible for the survey. Also, their family members won’t be able to complete the survey or better said they won’t be able to win the prize. This is a common fact regarding most companies in the United States and the rule is used so all participants have the same odds of winning the prize. For the Rite Aid, the main goal is to enhance the customer experience and simply make it better.

    Entry Limit

    As you should know, the entry limit for totaling the survey using mail doesn’t exist. You can have countless entries and each one will be treated as a unique one. If you prefer an online survey, remember that there is a limit of 3 times per month. After the month, you are ready to take 3 additional surveys. By completing more surveys, you literally increase the odds of winning a prize.


    Requirements for the survey are basically a receipt. There are no other requirements. Yes, you will have to enter your personal information, but they are used only for delivering the prize in a case you win it. People from the entire United States, of all genders are eligible to take the survey, complete it and possibly win one of the massive prizes.


    While some companies offer just one type of prize, Rite Aid is different. They offer two kinds of prizes. The first one is known as the grand prize and it is delivered to you in the form of a check. The value is $1000. The second prize is $100 and it is also delivered to you in the form of a check.

    Contact Rite Aid?

    If you have any concerns related to Rite Aid Store you can contact them on:  1 (800) 748-3243

    Final words

    Rite Aid survey is one of the best and the most profitable surveys available at the moment. You can win $1000 or $100 depending on your luck and all you have to do is to provide the answers regarding your customer experience. In return, this brand promises to improve their services and make your experience so much better in the near future. If this is irrelevant for you, the prizes aren’t.

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