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    What Is United States Postal Service?

    The USPS is an official United States government agency that works independently. The company has more than 600,000 employees and is mainly tasked with the mail delivery and postal service across the country. Most Americans highly rely on mail delivery. Since they also value service provision and there is a lot of competition for the company, USPS offers customers a chance to carry out a USPS survey at


    Purpose Of The Postalexperience Pos Survey

    The USPS PostalExperience Survey aims at customer satisfaction. The company is focused on finding out what works and what doesn’t for its customers. They also want to identify any problems and offer solutions to resolve them as per the customer needs. A customer’s honest and genuine opinion and feedback is key for them to understand service delivery, better the customer experience, and for overall improvement.


    What Do You Need For The Postalexperience Survey?

    To complete the survey, you need to have;

    • A stable internet connection.
    • A computer, laptop, or smartphone.
    • A USPS receipt from a recent purchase.
    • English or Spanish knowledge.

    How To Take The Postal Experience Survey


    You can take the survey by calling 1-800-275-8777


    To complete the PostalExperience survey online, you can visit their official website, follow the steps, and complete the required details.

    Postal Experience Customer Survey Details

    Survey NameUSPS Postal Experience Survey/ USPS Postal Experience Feedback
    RewardsA sweepstake entry
    Purchase RequiredNone
    Age18 years and above
    Entry LimitOne per receipt
    LanguageEnglish or Spanish
    Customer service number1-800-275-8777


    Instructions For Completing The Postalexperience Survey

    • Load the official USPS website by searching for on your preferred browser.
    • After the website has loaded, choose a preferable language; English or Spanish. Proceed to click “Next.”
    • From the page that now appears, read the USPS Postal Experience Survey details and click “Next.”
    • Key in the ZIP code that was provided on your service receipt.
    • Once you have entered the details, you will see the available USPS centers relevant to the provided ZIP code. Specify the location from which you purchased your service and click “Next.”
    • Specify the date when you purchased the USPS service. If you cannot remember the date, check from the receipt that confirmed your purchase.
    • Once you have completed all the details, you will be provided with a questionnaire. Fill the questions appropriately, as best suited to your satisfaction with the service rendered.
    • At the end of the questionnaire, you will see a “Thank You” message and you will be redirected to another page.


    After completing a legit USPS survey, you receive a USPS reward text message that directs you to a sweepstake entry for a chance to win a USPS reward. You are provided with a USPS coupon or validation code.



    Website URL-

    Phone Number- 1-800-275-8777

    Final words

    Conducting the USPS PostalExperience survey is an excellent way to help the company improve their services. Therefore, customers who meet the requirements highlighted above can conduct the survey for feedback and a chance to grab a USPS reward.

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