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    What is PandaExpress?

    Specialized in the American Chinese cuisine, Panda Express is an American fast food chain available in more than 2,200 locations. It is the largest restaurant chain with an Asian profile in the USA. Established in 1983, the chain was initially available in mall food courts only. With time, it has grown to own its own standalone restaurants as well. It is also available in casinos, airports, military bases, universities and so on. The pandaexpress/feedback survey is an opportunity for fast food enthusiasts to get a free item from the menu for their time.


    Purpose of the PandaExpress/Feedback survey

    The Panda Express/Feedback survey has been introduced by the company to reward customers. While the coupon code is given for free, it does ask for a few minutes of your time. Providing honest feedback to Panda Express will help the company improve certain restaurants – or at least particular aspects around them, based on your feedback. Since you are wasting a few minutes to help the company, it will give you a free coupon code in exchange. This coupon code can be redeemed in a fast food restaurant for an item from the menu.


    What do you need for the PandaExpress/Feedback survey?

    The PandaExpress.com/Feedback survey does not require too many things:

    • English or Spanish
    • A device with a steady Internet connection
    • A Panda Express receipt
    • Legal residence in the USA


    How to take the PandaExpress/Feedback survey

    Online – Take the Panda survey online by visiting https://www.pandaguestexperience.com. Confirm your visit to a restaurant by entering details from your receipt, then answer a few questions about your experience.


    PandaExpress/Feedback customer survey details

    Survey NamePanda Express Feedback
    RewardsDiscounts or items from the menu
    Purchase RequiredYes
    Age18 years and above
    Entry LimitOne per receipt
    LanguageEnglish or Spanish
    Customer service number1-800-877-8988

    Panda Express Survey Code

    The Panda Express survey code is the main thing you will need to complete this survey. It has 22 digits and it is located at the bottom of your receipt. Besides, you will have to keep the receipt to redeem your award too.


    Instructions for completing the PandaExpress/Feedback survey

    • Go to https://www.pandaguestexperience.com to access the survey.
    • You can take it in English or Spanish.
    • Start by entering details about your receipt, such as the long code.
    • Diagrams will help you find the required details on your receipt.
    • Once the purchase has been confirmed, you will be asked for details about your experience.
    • Complete the survey with honest answers, even if your experience was negative.
    • Once you are done, you will get a code on the screen.


    Write this code on your receipt and that is your coupon code.



    Website – https://www.pandaguestexperience.com

    Phone number – 1-800-877-8988

    Final words

    In the end, Panda Express has come up with an innovative idea. Plenty of fans take advantage of the PandaExpress/Feedback to benefit from freebies and discounts. The company gets lots of feedback as well, so it can focus on its strengths and work on its minuses.

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