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    Do you want a free Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich ?

    Do you want to win a free sandwich chicken voucher from Chick-fil-A store? If yes, then you can always opt for MyCFAVisit survey.

    What is Chick-fil-A?

    Chick-fil-A restaurant is an American fast-food chain. It was founded back in 1946 and since then have opened almost 2,200 franchises throughout the United States and Canada.

    It is one of the most famous and recognized food- chain in American. Chick-fil-A store offers a wide range of chicken sandwiches and other chicken food items that are popular among people. Chick-fil-A store has maintained its food quality and taste which has provided them an edge over other fast-food chains.

    Chick-fil-A Store and their MyCFAVisit Survey

    MyCFAVisit is a survey promoted by Chick-fil-A in order to gain customer feedback. Mycfavisit com survey is survey aimed to gather customer experience in relation to Chick-fil-A food quality and services.

    Customers can take this survey at Chick-fil-A is a great food chain to have food from, especially when it comes to delicious chicken sandwiches.

    You can win a free chicken sandwich voucher just by filling their customer satisfaction survey.

    However, before starting the customer survey you need to understand the rules and regulations. The MyCFAVisit survey has a certain set of rules and regulations that need to be followed by the participants in order to win a free chicken sandwich code from Chick-fil-A store.

    Please note that you can only take this survey online. This survey is not available on the phone or postal mail.

    Rules and Regulations for MyCFAVisit Survey

    • Prize: Free Chicken Sandwich
    • Purchase Required: Yes
    • Coupon Limit: 1 Per Person Per Visit
    • Receipt Valid For: 2 Days
    • Age Limit: 18 Above
    • Receipt Serial Number Required: Yes
    • Legal Resident: United States

    To complete the MyCFAVisit you need to have few things at your end. Also, you will be expected to follow their standard rules and regulations to successfully complete the survey.


    You must 18 years old or above to enter MyCFAVisit survey.


    You must be the resident of United States or Canada or have a permanent residential address within the states.The form is currently only available in English and Spanish languages. You must select one language from these two.

    Purchaese Required ?

    You will be required to purchase a meal from Chick-fil-A in order to get a code which you will use on MyCFAVisit survey website. Without this code, you will not be able to take the survey.

    Entry Limit

    The code on the purchase receipt will be unique and can only be used once to enter the the survey.

    P.S : You need to use the code within 3-4 hours to enter the code poll.

    A step-by-step guide to complete MyCFAVisit Survey

    To successfully complete the MyCFAVisit survey you need to follow the below-mentioned steps. Follow the order below so that you can complete the customer survey without any complications.

    • Open a web browser and search for
    • Once you are on the website, take out your purchase receipt and use the 22-digit code on the MyCFAVisit form.
    • Once you enter the 22-digit code, enter the start button. You will be directed to the next window where you will be asked to enter the date and time of your recent visit to any Chick-fil-A restaurant. Make sure to tally the date and time details from your purchase receipt to avoid any inconvenience.
    • After providing these details you will be entered into the official customer satisfaction survey. From there you will be asked a few questions related to your Chick-fil-A experience in terms of food quality and services.
    • You are supposed to answer these questions in full honesty so that Chick-fil-A can take note of your experiences and improve their services.
    • After answering all the questions, you will be redirected to a new window where you will be required to fill in your personal details including; postal address, contact number, and email address.
    • Once you finish the MyCFAVisit survey, you will receive an email with a unique code that you can use to get a free sandwich on your next visit to Chick-fil-A.


    You can contact Chick-fil-A through the following:


    Customers can call them directly on 1 866 232 1040


    You can contact here.

    Store Location:

    Chick-Fil-A Cares PO. BOX. 725489. Atlanta. Georgia 31139 – 9923

    Final Words

    And that’s all of it. Doesn’t sound hard to do, right? Claim your free sandwich today by completing the MyCFAVisit survey and enjoy a free mouth-watering chicken sandwich.

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