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    Here is the all-new www.mybkexperience.com online survey developed and managed by Burger King.

    This giant is now offering you the possibility to win a free Whopper burger within seconds. Your only mission will be to provide detailed feedback regarding the service or food you purchased in any of their locations.

    What is Burger King?

    The name is so popular that we don’t have to explain it. It started the life as Instant Burger King in 1953 in Florida and remained as one of the largest burger-selling brands across the planet. Keep in mind that the company changed the name in 1954 in Burger King. Today this company has 17.796 locations all over the world, in 100 countries more accurately. Almost 50% are located in the United States. The www.mybkexperience.com survey refers to the United States location and residents.

    The purpose of the mybkexperience Survey?

    There are several purposes of the Mybkexperience and now we will reveal all of them:

    • The first purpose of the store is to enhance and improve the services in restaurants all across the United States. The improvements will be significant and we can expect all sorts of upgrades such as better deals, better words (if that is even possible) and so much more.
    • The second purpose of Mybkexperience is to find possible issues with the foods, services or the employees. There is no need to add that those issues will be solved as soon as possible. Once again, there is probably no way we can provide detailed answer but we all know that if some issues exist, it will be resolved as soon as possible.

    Last but not least, the online survey has a role to test the overall and all the specifics regarding customer satisfaction. The goal of the brand is to improve the list of services and the satisfaction to the highest level possible.

    Instructions to complete MyBKExperience Survey

    The instructions we will mention below are designed to help you complete the survey in less time and to make sure you do it properly. There are a few main steps and each one is extremely simple. Make sure not to skip the steps or try to change their order.

    1. Go to the www.mybkexperience.com the official page of the survey.
    2. Enter the restaurant number and the time and date of your visit.
    3. Choose the language. You can choose between English and Spanish.
    4. Complete the questions by giving honest answers.
    5. Done

    MyBKExperience.com Survey Details

    • Prize: Free Whopper or Chicken Sandwich
    • Language: English ,Spanish or French
    • Entry Limit: 1X per person per Month
    • Receipt Valid For: 48 hours
    • Entry Method: Online

    Below are all the main elements of the mybkexperience survey explained in detail. The goal is to help you understand the survey even better and to make sure you know how and what is needed. If you have participated in some surveys before, you will know what the main elements are.


    In order to be eligible to participate and win the massive prize, you will have to know specific MyBKExperience regulations. They are relatively simple and they are easy as you would expect. In a nutshell, we will list all of the main regulations below so you can get a better idea about the survey and the rules.

    • The survey is available for all residents of the United States.
    • You must be at least 18 years old in order to participate.
    • A person can participate once per month.
    • Understanding of English ,French or Spanish is needed.
    • You need a working PC or a smartphone to connect to the official website and complete the survey.
    • The prize is delivered to lucky winners after the survey is ended
    • Only the winner of the prize can use the prize.
    • The prize cannot be given to a third party.
    • Employees of the company and their family members are not eligible to participate.

    Purchase Required

    Yes, you need a purchase and a receipt of that purchase in order to participate for the mybkexperience survey. The reason is obvious. The receipt will contain a restaurant code which has to be included in the survey. The amount you spent is irrelevant. Also, you won’t be able to make multiple purchases and to increase your odds for winning the prize. After all, there is an entry limit which will be explained below. It is standard for all surveys of this kind. Each receipt can be used only once in the survey.


    All locations within the United States are eligible to participate in the survey. All 50 states are included. This means that you can make a purchase in any of their restaurants regardless of your residence and be eligible to participate. Keep in mind that your location has to be within the United States.


    Only people aged 18 and above are eligible to participate. Those who are younger won’t be allowed to complete the survey. Their entries won’t be valid even in a case they win a prize. As you would expect there is no upper age limit so all people of all ages can participate. The ages are irrelevant when it comes to choosing the winner and giving him or her a reward.

    Entry Limit

    The entry limit is standard meaning you can participate once per month. Once the month has passed, you can participate once again. In simple words, each person can participate once per month.


    The rewards are given in the form of a Whopper burger. It is a completely free prize due to the fact you don’t have to invest anything except your time. Make sure to use the receipt of your purchase and don’t throw it away. Also, there is no need to make multiple purchases in order to participate nor this will increase your odds.


    Where is the survey validation code located?

    The restaurant validation code you will need to enter is located at the top of the receipt. It is a unique number that is present on each receipt you get from the company.

    What to do if the survey code is not working?

    The most common issue is a mixed or wrong receipt code. Try another time and the code will likely work. If the code doesn’t work, it means that your receipt has expired. You will have to make another purchase and to enter the new code.

    Where I can see the survey results?

    The list of winners will be displayed on the official page once per month. The list will be upgraded accordingly.

    Question asked in the Burger King customer satisfaction survey ?

    Mybkexperience survey offers a simple list of questions. They are all related to the satisfaction, the overall experience you had and also with the foods you ate. Some questions are related to employee services and the future improvements.



    The address of the company used for the survey in question is Burger King Headquarters 5505 Blue Lagoon Drive Miami, FL 33126. You can send them any question or issue you have and need to be solved.


    The phone number you can call during business hours is 1-866-394-2493. It is available for residents from the United States.

    Final words

    Mybkexperience is the best and definitely the easiest way you can use to win a free meal in any of the Burger King locations.

    The survey requires from your time and your feedback. Make sure to be accurate and honest. The goal here is to make foods and services so much better and yes that is always possible. In return for your time and effort, you will get the prize.

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