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It is more and more common for large companies to offer a survey for customers in order to improve their service. These surveys are very popular at the moment due to two reasons.

The first one is obvious, as a customer you have the ability to make the service better and solve possible issues. The second reason is a prize. Dollar tree stores offer cash prized for lucky winners.

A few words about Dollar Tree …

Dollar Tree was founded in Virginia under ‘’Only $1’’ name, which was changed to Dollar Tree back in 1993. They offer a variety of products which can be purchased for $1 or less. There are 14.800 stores across the United States, available in 48 states. The company is one of the biggest in the United States and commonly ranked high on the Fortune 500 list. They sell almost anything you will need, so we can deduce that there are millions of customers every single day. In most stores, you can get frozen foods as well, including pizza, ice cream and etc.

The purpose of this DollarTreeFeedback.com satisfaction survey

The main purpose of the Dollar Tree customer satisfaction survey is to boost and improve customer services. As we have mentioned already, they have millions of customers every single day, so it is important to make the service even better and more desirable.

The feedback of the survey will be delivered to the company’s headquarters where they will be properly analyzed and a new strategy will be applied. As such, it is important to answer honestly and to point out all the possible issues you may have encountered while being a customer.

In return for your feedback your issue , you can even win a massive prize. Due to the popularity of the company, we believe that the survey is going to be one of the most common in 2020.

How To Take The DollarTreeFeedback.com Survey

Taking the “Dollar Tree Feedback” survey is very easy. All you have to do is to answer the questions and submit the form. In order to make the things easier Dollar Tree offers you several possibilities that you can use to complete the survey. All methods are treated as equal and basically, they have the same purpose. Of course, they are different and developed for all kinds of customers. There are a few possibilities and few points we will have to explain in detail.


Probably the most common way is going to be completing the survey online. You have the ability to choose the language and you can answer the questions. After you are done, submit the form and you are done. In average the survey will require up to 5 minutes and it is super easy. Keep in mind that you will need a receipt to complete the survey. You must enter the number visible on the receipt so the survey targets customers only.

  1. Visit www.dollartreefeedback.com page using any web browser.
  2. Choose between English, French or Spanish language.
  3. Enter the code present on your receipt.
  4. Enter the amount of money you spent, enter the date and the store number.
  5. Provide answers to simple questions.
  6. You will be asked do you want to leave additional comments.
  7. After5 you are done, click yes, you want to participate in winning $1000 reward.
  8. Provide your personal information

By Telephone

Using telephone to complete the survey is possible as well. In this case scenario, all you have to do is to call 1-858-201-7079 and answer the questions. They are provided by an automated machine and they also require 5 minutes or less. There is limit which will be explained below.

By Mail

If you prefer using the mail to complete the dollar tree store survey, you will need to address the letter to the official address of the company and include several pieces of information. For instance, you will have to enter your name, the receipt code, the address and the customer experience you got while making a purchase.

Dollar Tree Survey Details

Prize Limit 1 Prize Per Person Per 90 Days
Purchase Required? Yes
Survey Prize Chance to win $1,000 cash daily or $1,500 prize value weekly
Resident Eligibility US, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, or Honduras

Regardless of which method you use, you will find the guide in question helpful. Basically, there are a few points you will have to include in your survey. Make sure you follow the guide in order to avoid possible mistakes and errors which can cause your response to be discarded by the company! Luckily, these are basic things and most of you already know how to complete the Dollar Tree survey and how to qualify for the prizes.

Purchase Required?

Yes, in order to qualify for the survey, you will need to make a purchase. If we know that Dollar Tree offers products at a price of $1 or even lower, it is obvious that you can make a small purchase and still qualify for the prize.

There is no upper limit so customers who made all kinds of purchases at any of the stores can participate. They are equally treated as well.


The location refers to the store location which can be included in the survey. It is your personal preference and it isn’t mandatory to include this parameter. On the other hand, you should include your address. It will be used to deliver a prize when you win it.


All participants must be aged 18 or above. Participants under 18 years of age are not eligible for the survey and they won’t be accepted in the prize pool. There is no need to worry about the upper age limit, it doesn’t exist. This simply means that seniors and older adults can enter a survey without any issue and they can get any of the available prizes.

Entry Limit

Yes, there is an entry limit. It refers to the maximum number of times you can submit your survey. In a case you are completing it via mail or in an online format, the total number must not go over 10 times. In a case you are using a telephone, you can complete the survey once per day. There is no end limit in this case scenario.


Additional requirements include the facts you must be from the United States, Ireland, Canada, Puerto Rico or Germany. Honduras and Denmark are also supported. People from other countries won’t be able to complete the survey. The survey is available in different languages.

Items Rewards

There are 2 types of rewards you can get. The first type is available in the form of weekly rewards which are rewarded each week and you can win $1500. The second type is daily reward which is $1000. A prize is delivered every 90 days and it can be given to one person only.

Contact Dollar Tree?

  • Phone
  • Email address
  • Store locations

Final words

Dollar Tree is a massive and well-known company that offers superb customer support and experience. Now, with the help of a simple survey via: www.dgcustomerfirst.com ,you can make it even better and more appealing for newbies. As a matter of fact, you will make it even better for you as well. At the same time, you can win a massive prize which can reach $1500. This is a weekly prize. There is a daily prize of $1000, also impressive.

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