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Companies regardless of their niches are investing into customer-focused surveys.

These surveys are drafted with an aim to gather customer feedback and experience related to their products and services. Similarly, Bass Pro Shops initiated their own surveys to collect relevant suggestions and feedback from their customers.

The purpose of the survey is to improved customer buyer journey by understanding what they like and what they want to see improved in the company’s processes, services or products.

What is Bass Pro Shops?

Bass Pro Shop was founded back in 1971. The company is renowned for selling products for outdoor activities including fishing, camping, wild hunting and other relevant activities. They offer all the necessary items and products required for outdoor activities. Over these years, Bass Pro has been able to establish approximately 90 stores across Canada and United States.

Instructions to complete the Bass Pro Survey

In order to complete the survey, users are recommended to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • First visit the official website of Bass Pro Survey : https://survey.foreseeresults.com/
  • Next, you will have to select the language. Users will have three options to choose from; English, French and Spanish. Choose your desired language and start the survey.
  • On the next page, you will be asked whether you have the purchase receipt or not. If you have one, choose that and enter the survey code on to start the survey. If you don’t have a purchase receipt select that option and just enter the details asked including the country, date of visiting the store, age, and store location.
  • Once you are done entering information in the required fields, you will be redirected to the next page where different questions will be asked.
  • You are recommended to give honest answers.
  • Once you are done with the survey, you will be required to share your contact details such as valid email address, contact number and mailing address.
  • These details will be used to notify you for the win (if applicable).

Purpose of BassProSurvey.com?

Bassprosurvey is a medium for all those customers who want to convey their experiences and concerns to the Bass Pro Shops. The aim of Bassprosurvey.com Survey is to allow customers to express their feelings in terms of their previous experiences with Bass pro products and customer service. The information received through Bassprosurvey.com is used to improve the areas where needed considering the feedback collected through the survey.

Rules and Regulations for Bassprosurvey ?

Before taking Bassprosurvey.com Survey, all users are required to see if they meet the following rules and regulations or not. This will save your time as well.

  • You must an at the age of 18 years or above at the time of participating in the survey.
  • You must be a legal resident of the 50 States of the United States, Canada or the District of Columbia.
  • You must not have any associations with Bass Pro Shops i.e. you must not be employed with them.
  • You must not have any immediate relative working at the Bass Pro Shops or specifically associated with Bassprosurvey promotions.
  • You must read all the official terms and conditions before participating into the Bassprosurvey.com.

Guide to complete Bass Pro Survey

Purchase Necessary? No
Entry limit 1 Per Person Per Day
Entry Mode Online

Purchase Required

No purchase is required to enter the sweepstakes. However, you can participate in the Bass Pro Survey by using your recent purchase receipt as well.


Only the physically present, legal residents of the United States, Columbia and Canada can participate in the Bass Pro Survey.


The participant must be 18 years or above at the time of participating into the bass Pro Survey.

Entry Limit

Participants can enter into the sweepstake once 1 week. Also, users must complete the survey within the 7 days. For-example, if you have started the survey today you are supposed to complete it within the next 7 days.


Each winners will be eligible to receive a $500 (USD/CAD) Bass Pro Gift card. The gift card will be given to the winner in his/her currency as per the country of residency.


Bass Pro Shops can be contacted at the given contact details:

Final Words

Bass Pro Shops is amazing retail chain that understand the needs and requirements of the customers. Their aim is to improve customer experience by providing enhanced services. Bassprosurvey is your chance to share your feedback with them and earning a $500 reward in return.

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  1. Well I bought a scope on may15/ 20 got scope and wanted 20 moa rings but none to be had. People behind counter very nice, and tried to help. Hard time finding survey for the $500.00.


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